Cookie Policy

We use a number of different cookies on our site and the following information lets visitors and users know about our cookie policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookie laws changed in the United Kingdom with effect from 26th May 2011. If you would like more information about what cookies are, what they do and how they work, please take a look at for more information.

Our Cookie Policy

It's important to make clear that the cookies that we set are not able to identify you or anything about you unless you log in. Each time you access our website, you will be see a message which assumes that you are happy to continue to use our site. If you are not happy to do so, you must stop using the site.

For users that login to our site, a cookie is required for this login to function properly. Therefore by registering, becoming a member and subsequently logging in, you are agreeing to our cookie policy and the use that we make of cookies.

How Cookies Are Used On Our Website

The cookies that our website uses are described below.

PHP $_SESSION - This is a cookie set at the start of every page of our website to track who you are logged in as and to access the information that you have stored with us. As soon as you leave our website and then close the browser, the session cookie will be removed from your computer.